Use the buttons to find out where you can pick up your next jar of delicious Utta Nutta Peanut Butter.

Nothing in your area? Watch this space as we are currently expanding with new stockists coming soon! You can also order online with Goodness Foods and have it delivered straight to your door.

New Suppliers!!

If you are looking to sell our peanut butter we are pleased to say that you can buy our peanut butter direct from us or from Goodness Foods or Queenswood distributors. If you’re a delicatessen, farm shop or indepedent retailer then you can contact us directly or alternatively please contact GOODNESS FOODS or QUEENSWOOD who will be happy to answer any of your enquiries.


If you are a human who loves our peanut butter but there isn’t a stockist near you and you know a great shop that you would like to see Utta Nutta then please contact us! We will then contact the shop- If they make an order, you can expect a pot of peanut butter on us!”